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Bob Ross Raccoon

Copyright © 1985-2004 by Bob Ross Inc.
All rights reserved.
® The Bob Ross name and Bob Ross images
are registered trademarks of Bob Ross Inc.
Downloading of any graphics in this
website is strictly prohibited.


Bob Ross Soft Oil Colors:
Ivory Black
Raw Umber
Warm White
Bob Ross Supplies:
Liquid Black Acrylic
Liquid White Acrylic
Gray Gesso
Glazing Medium
Oil Paint Medium
Odorless Thinner
Other Supplies:
12x16 canvas
12x16 graphite paper
disposable paper palette
foam brush applicator




Bob Ross Brushes:
Wildlife Bristle Brush ½
Wildlife Detail Brush #2
Wildlife Eye Brush
Wildlife Finisher Brush #6
Wildlife Fur Brush
Floral Brush ½
Landscape Brush 1
Liner Brush #2


Bob Ross Oil Colors:
Alizarin Crimson
Dark Sienna
Indian Yellow
Midnight Black
Prussian Blue
Sap Green
Titanium White
Yellow Ochre

General Instructions:

I. Begin by reading the entire instructions for this project to familiarize yourself with the various techniques, brushes, Mediums and paints.

II. Use the foam applicator to cover the entire canvas with a thin, even coat of Gray Gesso and allow to dry completely. Then, use graphite paper to transfer the pattern to the canvas.

III. Underpaint the Raccoon with shades of Black, White and Gray acrylic.

IV. When the Raccoon is dry, proceed by overpainting the eyes and the background in oil colors.

V. You may proceed immediately with overpainting the Raccoon in oil colors or allow the background to dry before overpainting the Raccoon with oils.

I. Underpainting the Raccoon in Acrylics

1. Use the foam applicator to cover the entire canvas with a thin, even, coat of Gray Gesso and allow to dry completely. When the canvas is dry, transfer the raccoon pattern to the canvas with graphite paper.









2. Use the small wildlife brushes and liquid acrylics to underpaint the raccoon's eyes.
3. Underpaint the raccoon's hair with the Wildlife Bristle brush and shades of Black, White and Gray liquid acrylics. Be sure to direct all strokes in the direction the hair grows - from the nose outward.

When you're satisfied with your underpainting, clean your brushes well and put away your acrylic paints and get rid of the water for now the fun begins! Overpainting with oils!







II. Overpainting the Raccoon in Oil Colors.

4. Begin by overpainting the Raccoon eyes in oil colors.

4-1. Apply a thin coat of Wildlife Glazing Medium to the eyes with the Finisher brush.

4-2. Add the reflected blue crescent with the Eye brush, a small amount of Glazing Medium, Warm White and Prussian Blue.

4-3. Use the Eye brush with Glazing Medium to apply a mixture of Transparent Black and Warm White to the light area of the eye. With a clean, dry Eye brush apply a small amount of Titanium White to create the highlight.

5. Carefully avoiding the Raccoon eyes, use the 1 brush to apply a very small amount of Oil Paint Medium to the entire canvas.


6. Continuing using the 1 brush to create the mottled background by overpainting with various mixtures of Alizarin Crimson, the Yellows, Prussian Blue, Sap Green and Midnight Black, carefully avoiding the Raccoon.









7. With the ½” floral brush, overpaint the Raccoon with a small amount of Raw Umber.

8. Add the shadowed areas to the body with the ½” floral brush and a small amount of Transparent Black.

9. Highlight the fur with various mixtures of Warm White, Raw Umber, Indian Yellow and Bright Red.

10. Add wisps of highlight to the fur with the Fur brush and Warm White, which has been thinned with Painting Medium.

11. Don't forget to paint the whiskers! Use the liner brush with Titanium White which has been thinned with Oil Paint Medium.

12. Your Raccoon is waiting for your signature! Sign with the liner brush and thinned color of your choice.

You are free to print this project from our website as long as it is for your personal painting use only and not for further copying or reproduction.



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