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Bob Ross Yellow Hibiscus

Copyright © 1985-2004 by Bob Ross Inc.
All rights reserved.
® The Bob Ross name and Bob Ross images
are registered trademarks of Bob Ross Inc.
Downloading of any graphics in this
website is strictly prohibited.

Yellow Hibiscus



Bob Ross Soft Oil Colors:
Alizarin Crimson
Cadmium Yellow
Flower Pink
Sap Green
Titanium White
Ultramarine Blue
Bob Ross Liquid Opal
Bob Ross Paint Medium
Bob Ross Odorless Thinner


Bob Ross Brushes:
1" Landscape Brush
1/2" Floral Brush
Floral Filbert Brush
Round Floral Brush
#2 Liner Brush


Other Materials:
Bob Ross Canvas (12x16,16x20, or 18x24)
Bob Ross Disposable Paper Palette

1. Outline the flower with thinned Cadmium Yellow and the 1/2" brush. Paint the background with Liquid Opal and the 1? brush, allowing the flower to remain dry and unpainted. Then, use the 1? brush to add various mixtures of Sap Green, Ultramarine Blue and Turquoise to the background.









2. Use the 1/2" bush and a thin mixture of Paint Medium, Cadmium Yellow and Flower Pink to loosely underpaint the flower. Then, position four back petals with Alizarin Crimson.

3. With the 1/2" brush, add Alizarin Crimson and Flower Pink to the center of the flower.











4. Use the 1/2" brush to blend the color out from the center of the flower.











5. With Titanium White on the 1/2" brush, and starting at the outside edge, begin shaping each of the four back petals...











6. ...with a series of long, flowing, over-lapping strokes all directed in towards the center of the flower.











7. Add the fifth, front petal with Titanium White on the 1/2" brush; starting at the outside edge and directing all strokes towards the center of the flower.











8. Add the long stamen with the filbert brush and Alizarin Crimson.











9. Add leaves, twigs and ruffles, if desired. Highlight the stamen with Yellow on the filbert brush then sign your painting with the liner brush and add a bird for Bob!

You are free to print this project from our website as long as it is for your personal painting use only and not for further copying or reproduction.








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