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Bob Ross My First Landscape

Copyright © 1985-2004 by Bob Ross Inc.
All rights reserved.
® The Bob Ross name and Bob Ross images
are registered trademarks of Bob Ross Inc.
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Painting a Basic Landscape



Phthalo Blue
Mountain Mixture
Titanium White
Cadmium Yellow
Liquid White
1" Landscape Brush
Painting Knife, #5
Fan Brush, #3
12x16 Stretched Canvas

Canvas Preparation:
Start by using the 1" brush to cover the entire canvas with a thin, even coat of Liquid White. With long horizontal and vertical strokes, work back and forth to ensure an even distribution of paint on the canvas. Do NOT allow the Liquid White to dry before you begin

1. Load the 1" brush with Phthalo Blue and paint the sky with criss-cross strokes - add the water with horizontal strokes.


2. With a small roll of Mountain mixture on the knife, shape just the top edge of the mountain. Remove the excess paint.

3. Use the 1" brush to 'pull' the paint down to the base of the mountain, completing the entire mountain shape.

4. With a small roll of Titanium White on the long edge of the knife, highlight the right sides of the mountain peaks.

5. Add the shadowed sides of the peaks with a mixture of Titanium White blended with a small amount of Phthalo Blue.

6. Tap the base of the mountain with the 1" brush to create mist. Add the foothills with mountain mixture and the 1" brush.

7. Use a small roll of Liquid White on the long edge of the knife to cut in water lines and ripples.

8. Use the fan brush and Mountain Mixture to add the large evergreen - add the bushes at the base of the tree with the 1" brush.

9. Highlight the evergreen with the fan brush and the bushes with the 1" brush and Cadmium Yellow. Use Van Dyke Brown on the knife to add the bank.

10. Use the knife to highlight the bank with Titanium White, cut in water lines and ripples with Liquid White.

11. Underpaint the foreground trees with the 1" brush and Mountain Mixture.

12. Highlight the foreground trees with the 1" brush and Cadmium Yellow.

You are free to print this project from our website as long as it is for your personal painting use only and not for further copying or reproduction.


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