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You've seen the amazing performance of artist Bob Ross on television. Welcome to the possibility of fulfilling your creative dreams through the Bob Ross style of painting. As millions around the world have discovered, you too can learn to paint realistic landscapes, florals, wildlife and portraits in only a short time even if you have never painted before. The Bob Ross Wet-on-Wet Technique® leads you, step-by-step, into the wonderful world of art. You'll find it quite rewarding when you step back and see what you created with this awesome, easy way to learn how to paint.


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Learn how to paint like Bob Ross. With his "Joy of Painting" Television series books, each one containing 13 paintings and hundreds of photos explaining how-to along with written instructions. His larger and my favorite "Joy of Painting" books each contain 60 beautiful paintings with tons of photos and written instructions too. And they also offer Ross-style Floral painting featuring Annette Kowalski's "Joy of Painting Flowers" with 13 paintings and how-to's with easy to follow instructions.

We also carry books by Dorothy Dent, Priscilla Hauser and Gary Jenkins for your painting pleasure!


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Oil Painting Supplies - Bob Ross Art Paint Supplies I had never painted before in my life. So this was a whole new experience for me. I had always thought about the possibility of learning to paint or at-least trying to do a painting. But because I felt I had no talent I was really afraid to venture into unknown territory. However the more often I watched Bob's TV show, "The Joy Of Painting", the more courage I got to give it a try. I began to take Bob at his word when he would say "You Can Do It". You know... He was right. I could do it and I am very, very happy that I gave it a try.

So if you have been "on the fence" about learning to paint give it a try. For me it has been a consistent source of gratification and reward. It is truly never too late to get started. Bob Ross oil paint technique. This Oil Paintingtechnique is simple and easy to learn. Step by step you will learn the basics which will enable you to eventually paint beautiful Landscapes, Seascapes, Floral, Wildlife and more... Your oil paintings will spring to life before your eyes.


® The Bob Ross name and Bob Ross images are registered trademarks of Bob Ross Inc.


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Bob Ross Start-up Package

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Bob Ross Start-up Package